Our Favorite Website for Marine Weather Forecasts

We use www.weather.gov for ocean weather forecasts for the same reasons that we use it for land forecasts – weather.gov offers an accurate marine point forecast that is specific to the exact location where you plan on fishing.

If you’re interested in an ocean weather forecast, type in the name of the nearest town that you know of, and you will get a land forecast. Then click on the ocean on the map in the precise area where you plan on going, and it will automatically switch to ocean conditions and give you a point forecast for the day that includes information on swell, wind, and any marine weather advisories. For us, the point forecast has been the most reliable weather forecast for near-shore ocean fishing. 

We also like to use the weather.gov Zone Forecast to get a more general idea of what’s happening in that marine area. Click on the link below the daily forecast that says: “Associated Zone Forecast Which Includes This Point”.

Marine Zone forecasts often predict wind and swell that are slightly more harsh than what you will observe near shore, but it is good to know about the general weather pattern in the area. 

If you’ve been looking for a solid website for marine forecasts, weather.gov is it. We do, however, usually like to look at wind forecasts and a few other websites as well just to get the best possible idea of what it will be like on the day of our trip.

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