Wild foods are affordable, organic, and delicious. They’re even sustainable as long as they are managed and harvested responsibly.

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  • How to Train Your Eye to Find Morel Mushrooms
    Morels are truly a spring delicacy. They exist all over the northern U.S. and can be found anywhere from orchards to alpine forests, but out west we’ve usually harvested them from April-June in forests that burned in recent years. They’re super fun to hunt for 
  • How to Pick Wild Morel Mushrooms Safely
    Morel mushrooms are a prized delicacy and it is well known that the best way to find them is to search through burn areas during the spring(s) following a wildfire. Recent fire seasons out west have been unprecedented, so it’s safe to say that morel 
  • How to Find Morels – Our Favorite Spring Mushrooms
    First of all, this post isn’t about identifying morels but that’s obviously a very crucial part of any foraging. We have a brief post here where we provide recommendations for resources to learn to I.D. morels. Here is a mushroom that looks similar to a 
  • What do I need to do to go Hunting?
    Wow, we’ve been busy. We went from wildfire evacuation directly into a big hunting trip for two weeks. We followed that up with moving and here we are. We are barely settled in our new home but we’re back to hunting before it’s over for 
  • Our “Famous” Maple Venison Breakfast Sausage Recipe
    We have been perfecting this recipe over the years, but it all started after a successful elk hunt in Idaho. I had been daydreaming about maple breakfast sausage, so after I got my first bull and a friend loaned us his grinder, it was on. 
  • Our Super Trusty, Cheap, and Simple DIY Awning
    Several of our friends have asked us for instructions for our DIY awning, so here you go! Sorry for the mediocre photos – we wanted to get this out to a few friends before hunting season so we’re working with what we had – please 
  • The Unforseen Value of our Skoolie – Running from the Caldor Fire
    If everything were going as planned, Olivia would have her full attention on finishing out her first school semester and I’d be working hard to prepare for the upcoming hunting season. Instead, we’ve packed some of our belongings and we’ve left home to get away 
  • How to Make Your Life Chaotic – Get a Puppy and Convert a School Bus
    It’s safe to say that this spring was hectic. We worked on our school bus every chance we could, often running late into the night. We also got a puppy who we named after one of our favorite towns in Idaho – “Stanley”. Stanley is 
  • The Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Mobile – Our School Bus Conversion
    That’s right, one of Olivia’s many dreams came true. She bought a school bus. It’s going to be a big project converting it, but it’ll be really fun. Olivia thinks the main purpose of the bus is for her to live in while she is 
  • The Lion, the Wolf, and the Moose – Part 5
    If you haven’t read parts 1-4, you can find them here. I started my first afternoon of Rosie hunting disappointed. As I took my first look with my binoculars, I spotted an ATV down where I was planning on hunting. Bundles of fog were quickly